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InterLibrary Loan

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What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is a service offered to SC students, faculty, employees, and anyone with a library card for the Deets Library. It involves the borrowing of items from another library. Email us at [email protected] with the title of the item and any other information you have (author, publication date, journal title, ISBN number (books), ISSN number (journals)). Your email will alert Library Assistants and Marjorie to contact libraries who may be able to provide the item(s).

What can be borrowed?

Anything except textbooks and course required materials can be requested for interlibrary loan. However, some items may be difficult to borrow because libraries do not lend them or lend them only in limited quantities. Such items are:

Dissertations and Master’s Theses
Media (films, CDs, DVDs, etc)
Archival and Special collection items
Microfilm (Particularly Educational Documents found in ERIC)

According to Copyright Law, the following restrictions also apply:

the library can only request the same work five times in a year,
the library can only receive five articles published in any periodical title going back five years in a year, and
the library can only request one article per periodical issue or one chapter per book for a patron.

How long does it take?

Articles can be sent electronically within 1-7 days, and receipt of physical items can be received within 4-14 days due to shipping and receiving books through courier or the US Postal Service.An email is sent from [email protected] when the item is available.

Can PS learners use Interlibrary Loan?

Yes, interlibrary loan is available to PS learners. However depending on your location to Winfield and on the time you need the material, you may want to use your local library to request your interlibrary loan. Materials requested for PS learners must be shipped to the library and then shipped to you. You are also responsible for shipping it back to the library if it is a book, DVD, or CD . If you are in the Wichita, KS, area, you can return library items to the PS campus. Contact the library if you have questions.

Do I need to return a pdf?

No, pdf files are yours to keep. You need to return any physical library items such as books and DVDs.

Where do I pick up and return items?

Items can be picked up at the circulation desk unless you are a distance/online student and wish it mailed to you.
Books or other physical items must be returned to the Southwestern College Library (not the library from which it originated) so that we can send it back to the lending library.

You may return it by mailing it back to the Southwestern Library, by dropping it off at the Professional Studies Center, or by bringing it by the Main Campus library. If you choose to mail the book, you are responsible for paying the postage costs for returning the item to us. Our address is: Southwestern College Library; 100 College Street; Winfield, KS 67156 USA.

How long are materials checked out?

This depends on the lending library’s policy. Normally the checkout will be from 2-4 weeks.

Can I renew an item?

Renews depend on the lending library. Some will not allow ILL items to be renewed while others will.

If you need a renewal, e-mail or call(620.229.6312) at least 4 days before the due date and we will notify you if it has been approved.

What does it cost?

The library tries to borrow items for free. However, some items may be only found in libraries that charge $10-$25. The library will cover charges for faculty and students in courses with research requirements.

If a book or non photocopy item is borrowed through Interlibrary Loan but not returned, you will be billed by the lending library for the replacement cost of the book/item.

How do I submit an Interlibrary Loan request?

Email [email protected] with information about the article or item. A full citation is helpful, but not necessary.

In Deets Search results, clicking "Request this item through interlibrary loan" starts a request form with the item information. You add your contact information in the required fields only.

In WorldCat, results not found in the Deets Library collection will include a button "Request this item through interlibrary loan." This starts the request for the item. You add your contact information in the required fields only.

What physical items are owned nationally and/or globally?

The database WorldCat contains all of the items owned by most libraries in the United States as well as many abroad. Our practice is to borrow from libraries in Kansas or nearby states whenever possible for quicker delivery.